What’s with the site name?

Just before I set out to Australia for the first time, I decided with noble intent that I would consult my cards to see what the future held for me. I sat in silence for a while and shuffled well.  ”Oh, mighty tarot, what does my future hold?” to which the answer was The Sun, Reversed.   Considering in the UK Australia is known as the land down under, and generally considered to be an upside down place where it is very sunny, it was at that point I realised that tarot can be very literal and seem to have quite a sense of humour!

Can you predict the future?

When a query turns towards the future, I forecast, not predict.  This might sound like juggling words but whilst subtle it’s quite a big difference.  For me, predicting is “this will happen and there is no way around it”, which denies our own free will and the influence and free will of others.

Instead, like a meteorologist or an economist, I look at the cards and I forecast how things are likely to turn out, if you and those around you continue on the same path as you are on now.  This is where many people find Tarot very useful as it allows us to prepare for, or influence, the likely outcome.  Mike Hernandez explains this idea very well in his blog.  However, like in meteorology or economics, things can take an unexpected turn (as our futures depend not only on our actions, but every single person we interact with) and not go as previously forecast.  For this reason I strongly believe that people should use Tarot and similar systems for guidance, not as a script to slavishly follow, against their own better judgement (after all where would the fun be in that?).

How often should I have a reading?

It greatly depends on your circumstance but I’d normally advise you to allow around 6 – 8 weeks to pass before you ask for another reading on the same subject. It’s important not to become reliant on the cards.

Consulting the tarot can be very helpful when going through a challenging time, however keep an eye on it carefully because if you find yourself wanting to consult a reader or psychic every week, I’d recommend that your money and time would be far better spent on committing to see a qualified counsellor or psychotherapist as these professionals have rigorous training to assist you in life change.

What questions can I ask?

You can ask almost anything of the tarot, but you may not get a clear answer! The wording of the question, and type of question can really effect the quality of the answer.

So some general guidance:
Avoid the words “Will i?” or “Should I?” The tarot is not best suited to cut and dried yes/no answers, as life is not usually that simple! Also as mentioned previously, I don’t think the future is set in stone, and you and the people around you have free will. For example questions like “should I move to Ruralville?” may be truthfully answered with “yes!” (if most of all you want to encourage personal relationships), but also “no!” (if your highflying city career is more important). I can do spreads to give you guidance on how a choice may pan out, but ultimately it’s up to you to choose your path, not the tarot!  A better question for that example might be: “How would a move to Ruralville affect me?”

Be open and honest with your question. First be honest with yourself. Don’t ask a question that you don’t want an answer to! Then be honest with me. You don’t go to the doctor and refuse to tell them what brought you there, or what symptoms you have because “they are a doctor so they should know what’s wrong with me!”. Each card can have many different meanings and the context is important for you to get an accurate reading (in much the same way that a tummy ache can mean different things, and a doctor will need more information to make a correct diagnosis). I won’t ask you to share more than you are comfortable with, but context really helps!

Don’t try and squeeze many questions into one. When buying a reading, it’s understandable you want the most ‘bang for your buck’, but trying to squeeze lots of different information out of the one card just ends up with a lack of clarity.  To explain, imagine that each card represents a single simple idea or sentence.  Now try answering a question like “If I move to Rurallville, what will be the effect on my income, my relationships, my family, my pets, my commute and my happiness?”  There might be only one question mark, but there is a lot of potentially conflicting answers in there!

Free will, destiny, future forecasts? eh? Surely they conflict!!

I do believe we have free will, and the ability to shape our lives. These two examples might make my belief here a little clearer:

A person is about to walk out the house. Their future at that moment is to get soaked in the storm. Then they use their free will to decide to check a weather forecast. Moments later they walk out of the house with an umbrella, avoiding getting soaked in the future.

Putting the cards aside for a moment, if I told you of someone who lay on their couch, eating piles of junk food and watching re-runs of a 70s sitcom all day, you could forecast pretty easily that they would not live a full and healthy life in future, and you’d be right. You would be forecasting the most likely course of their life.
However, against all odds, lets say an insect crawls into the TV and it breaks. Now the TV shows only 1 channel, which happens to have a hugely inspirational and moving ‘life change’ show. Depending on how receptive our couch friend is, this may spin their life onto a different course. Life is full of these moments where you can decide to change something. A tarot reading is an excellent way to make time and space for a situation review, and potential change of course.

I’m worried that you might see something ‘bad’!

Many people have a little bit of a worry when it comes to tarot! Back in the day, I went to a catholic school and remember watching films and TV shows that showed the Tarot as a DARK TOOL OF THE OCCULT.  I found this very challenging when I first started using the cards, but I now know that like much you see on TV, this is pretty unrealistic!

I  have a very positive approach to my reading style, and can always see the silver lining. I believe that forewarned is forearmed; however if there is any area that you would prefer not to hear about, you are more than welcome to tell me that before the reading and I will respect your wishes.

Do I have to believe in anything specifically for it to work?

Yes, that you are open to the reading and the concept that tarot may have some benefit for you!

Apart from that you don’t need any particular belief system in order for the reading to make sense. In fact I know many people who are happily atheist and yet get huge value from the experience of a reading.   In the readings I perform, I tend to refer to energy without using any specific archetype for it. I keep my readings as non-denominational as possible so that it will make the most sense to you.  Therefore I personally don’t refer to saints, spirit guides, angels, ghosts, fairies, gods/goddesses, past-lives etc; I appreciate others have very positive associations with these terms, but this allows my readings to be more accessible to people of wide ranging beliefs.

How does Tarot work?

Ok, you’ve got me there!  I’ve heard many explanations from universal synchronicity, the fractal pattern of the universe being infinitely repeatable and the tarot being a microcosm of the macrocosm, through to that they are just pretty pictures which free our brains to process minute body language cues, and apply archetypal wisdom.  Frankly, I just don’t know.
What I do know is that I’ve seen it work, both as a reader and a seeker.  I’ve been told things that the reader couldn’t possibly know, and I’ve found receiving readings to
really help focus my thoughts and priorities and give me a much needed new viewpoint, and I would like you to have that experience too.

Who are you?

My name is Linette.  I am originally from the UK, but what started out as a 1 year “let’s see what it’s like to live in another country” jaunt, turned into a more permanent arrangement.

I’ve had an interest in the unusual since childhood, fostered by my parents passion for paranormal investigation, and I have great memories of running around in crop circles and (allegedly) haunted houses as a
child!  I received my first tarot deck when I was 13, and have been fascinated by the amazing world of the tarot ever since! This is tempered by my background in the sciences which has influenced my ‘practical’ approach to the Tarot.

Any other questions?

If you have any other questions about my services, feel free to email me at: linette AT sunturntarot.com