Nobody stands alone in this life, and neither does this webpage!  There are some amazing sites out there, and I hope you find them as interesting as I do.  Tarot is a lifelong journey, and there is always something new to learn!

For Tarot Enthusiasts:

Tarot Tribe – Beyond Worlds

This is an excellent podcast and radio show.  They cover such a wide range of topics and the shows are always entertaining.  This is especially good for providing a feeling of community for tarot readers across the globe!

I’ve been very honoured to contribute the occasional small segment for this show. You can  hear my review of ‘Tarot for a New Generation’ here, and my review of ‘Tarot Spreads and Layouts’ by Jeanne Fiorini here. . Also, have a look at Donnaleigh’s page to see the pictures my tarot tip for making tarot weights. The page has a link to listen to the whole episode, in which Tarot Superstar Rachel Pollack talks about the jewellery she makes.

Tarot Town

A growing community resource, packed with free videos and tutorials. Head over and join up on the forums for some great chat and insights.  Good for the novice and advanced practitioner alike.

78 notes to self

Ginny Hunt’s journal, which covers a variety of material.  I found the podcasts associated with this blog very listenable.

Aeclectic tarot

This is my go to site to check out what a particular deck looks like, when all
I can see is the closed and sealed box.  A tarot cornerstone, it’s been going for ages, because it’s content continues to be relevant.

For Life enthusiasts:


TED talks are people standing up and talking about an idea they feel passionate about.  This is great mind fodder, and whatever your interests, I’m sure there is a TED talk that you’d find fascinating.